Melissa Tancorre.

Growing up in Trail BC was a great foundation for Melissa as she found her way overseas, settling in northern Italy for over a decade. When Simone and Melissa decided to move back to Canada, there was no question where they wanted to end up! Specializing in project management and administration, Melissa keeps things running behind the scenes and is your go-to guy for help in design, choosing materials and navigating your project from start to finish.

Simone Tancorre.

Italian-born and raised, Simone relocated to Trail in 2018 and has been building community relationships since then, one brick at a time. With 20+ years of experience in European construction, Simone’s application of solid building techniques goes hand in hand with local needs, climate and style. Drawing from his experience in masonry construction together with timber and stick frame implementations, Simone’s creative design style is a major asset when planning your build!

Birba & Sandy Tancorre.

Our supervisors, Birba and Sandy, are always overseeing operations to make sure our priorities never waver. Treats, toys and scritches must be provided at all times!